Kunci gitar chord Tommy Page - A Shoulder to Cry On

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    Intro Em C D C D
    G                 Am
    Life is full of lots of up and downs,
    And the distance feels further
    When you're headed for the ground
    And there is nothing more painful
            B7                           Em  C  D
    Than to let your feelings take you down.
         G                    Am
    It's so hard to know the way you feel inside
    When there's many thoughts
    And feelings that you hide
    But you might feel better
            B7                          C  D
    If you let me walk with you by your side.
    G Am And when you need a shoulder to cry on, D7 G When you need a friend to rely on, C When the whole world is gone, B7 Em You won't be alone, cause I'll be there, Am I'll be your shoulder to cry on, D I'll be there, G I'll be a friend to rely on, C When the whole world is gone, B7 Em C D you won't be alone, cause I'll be there.
    G Am All of the times when everything is wrong D And you're feeling like G There's no use going on C You can't give it up B7 Em C D I hope you work it out and carry on bridge C Side by side, D With you till the end Em D I'll always be the one to firmly hold your hand C No matter what is said or done D E Our love will always continue on
    F#m Bm Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on E A Everyone needs a friend to rely on D When the whole world is gone C#7 F#m you won't be alone cause I'll be there Bm I'll be your shoulder to cry on E I'll be there A I'll be the one you rely on D when the whole world's gone C#7 you won't be alone F#m Bm E A cause I'll be there.
    D And when the whole world is gone C#7 F#m F You'll always have my shoulder to cry on...

    Profil Artis

    Thomas Alden 'Tommy' Page (24 Mei 1970) adalah penyanyi dan penulis lagu asal Amerika Serikat. Karier bermusiknya dimulai pada akhir 80-an, dan menjadi tenar di awal 90-an melalui lagu-lagunya yang menjadi hit pada saat itu, seperti "I'll Be Your Everything" dan "A Shoulder to Cry On". Album musiknya pun tak jarang mendapat sertifikasi multi-platinum, seperti Paintings in My Mind dan From the Heart. Setelah albumnya yang ketujuh, Ten 'Til Midnight, ia melanjutkan kariernya sebagai eksekutif industri musik dan sempat mengeluarkan satu album terakhirnya sebelum meninggal dunia.

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